Zelliges 10 x 10 cm (Moroccan tiles) / zelliges 5 x 5 cm

Zelliges consist of clay and are baked in special ovens. These handmade tiles are available in different shapes, sizes and warm tones. These unique floor and wall tiles are crafted from Moroccan clay from Fez. The tiles are cut off obliquely and baked in ovens, eventually creating an authentic form of art. Zelliges fit in both modern and traditional interiors. Not only walls and floors can be garnished with these unique tiles, but also tables and fountains which will soon be available in our showroom. The possibilities are endless, and with these tiles you can enjoy a unique atmosphere.



Zelliges (zillij), also known as Moroccan wall tiles, are cut down into the 10 x 10 cm or 5 x 5 cm sizes. It is a Moroccan art form that has been brought to Europe by the Moors. The most famous example of the use of zelliges in Europe is the Alhambra in Granada. Each tile has a unique character and is very special. This is reflected through the traditional use of different colors and the irregular surface of the tile. These Moroccan glazed tiles are produced through traditional craft techniques, which can also produce production errors. The Zelliges that Mozaïekjes.com offers are of high quality and were handmade by our very own craftsmen in Fez, Morocco.

We also offer inexpensive shipping to other countries, these are available on request.

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