Cement Tiles

Cement tiles, also known as Portuguese cement tiles, are composed of cement, sand and water, supplemented with a top layer of marble powder and coloring pigment. The technology was adopted by the Europeans from the Moors late in the nineteenth century, and was used extensively in palaces and luxurious buildings. In modern day, cement tiles are found more and more in gardens, homes, and restaurants. The possibilities in terms of motives and shapes are endless; boring tiles are a thing of the past and there is now room for stylish and colorful walls and floors. The cement tiles that Mozaïekjes.com offers are of high quality and were handmade by our very own craftsmen in Fez, Morocco.

Sample Order

Purchasing a wall or floor tile or mosaic from an image can be very difficult. On a screen, colors may appear differently than in real life. At Mozaïekjes.com we understand the desire to inspect and review our products with the naked eye before purchase, in your own environment. To achieve this, you can request free samples through our website.

We also offer inexpensive shipping to other countries, these are available on request.

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